On Tuesday, 09/07/2024, BBA students of 2022-2025 batch of Ahalia School of Commerce and Mathematics undertook an industrial visit to Precot Limited (C and D units), Walayar, Palakkad. The Industrial Visit commenced at 9.45 a.m. After assembling in the conference hall, the Trainer of Precot Mills, Mr Eldo M Shaji in the presence of HR Manager, gave a brief introduction about the company and its products. In his presentation, he mentioned that the raw materials are imported from the countries like Australia and USA. Nearly, 550 employees are working in the company and the approximate turnover of the company for the last year was 1000 crores. After the presentation, the students were taken to see the manufacturing process of cotton yarn. The senior supervisor guided them throughout the visit and he answered all the queries of the students. The first area observed was procurement of raw materials of different types in 3 separate go-downs and it goes to the next stage that is cleaning process of cotton yarn. After that through diversification, the cotton yarn becomes cotton thread. The last stage is packaging and then exporting to various countries and to various states in India.

It was an enriching experience for the students as it helped them to gain practical knowledge of the subjects they learn. The students reached back the college by 12:45 p.m.