Ahalia School of Commerce and Mathematics celebrated World Environment Day on Wednesday, 5th June 2024. Students of first year and second year BBA participated and celebrated world environmental day enthusiastically.

The students came together in a creative burst of energy during the ‘Best out of Waste Competition” on the occasion of World Environment Day. The programme commenced by 2.00 pm. The competition was based on creative and innovative utilization of waste materials which normally being discarded in our homes.  The main aim of the competition was bringing an understanding among the children about the use of waste management and preserving the environment by reusing and recycling waste materials. Fabulous ideas were demonstrated by students.

They used their imagination and creativity to make innovative things. Students used broken bangles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, coconut shells, beads, cardboard, plastic wrappers of food items, old newspapers, ice-cream sticks, old CDs etc., to make items like flowers, bottle art, photo frame, wall hanging, flower vase, Christmas tree, sandals, paper hat etc., were artistically made. All these things which are waste in our day-to-day life were used in constructive manner. This shows that the young generation is very much aware about the harmful effects of creating waste and throwing them away without any further use. So, they are taking steps to preserve our planet.

The activity displayed creativity of the students and developed sense of love for environment. The Principal, Dr. S N Jagadeesh, appreciated the imagination of students and motivated them to reduce the waste to save our planet Earth. He also appreciated the ability of the students to think and organize their thought to create such beautiful items. In this competition first prize was secured by Ms Sahira Fathima K. & Ms Akshaya S.R. The second prize was won by Ms Revathy J. and Ms Srinaya M. The third prize by Ms Deepika S.

The staff coordinators of the programme were Ms Jini K.S. Asst. Professor and Ms Sumi S. Asst. Professor, of ASCM.  The programme ended by 4.10 pm.