“Unique professional course to be holistic citizen”

Ahalia school of Commerce and Mathematics offers a three year professional BBA Honours degree specially designed to help the students to tackle business and personal problems during the life even during unprecedented complex and volatile environment. The course is affiliated to the University of Calicut. We mould our students to be innovative, logical thinkers, thereby helping them to become transformative leaders. We not only impart the best education, but also install entrepreneurial and leadership acumen. The course includes industrial visit to various sector of industries and study tours.


Course Objectives:

  • To have a thorough understanding of the nature of business
  • Provide learners with management concepts to identify, interrupt, analyse and create business opportunities as well as to find solutions to become problems.
  • To mentor students to have an holistic approach towards management functions
  • To encourage students to follow ethical and logical standards in their business endeavour.



Course Outcomes:

  • Ability to enhance communication skills to achieve organisational and individual goals
  • To face and solve challenging assignment in a dynamically unstable environment
  • Ability to explore and pursue hindrances in their workplace through upgrades professional and managerial skills
  • Ability to develop innovative concepts for professional and personal life to be a holistic citizen.