Bullet Flux

A Marketing quiz was organized by the marketing club of ASCM on 16.02.2022 at 2.45pm. The event was inaugurated by the Principal & Director of ASM, Prof. (Dr) B. Vijayachandran Pillai. There were five teams from both 1st Semester and 3rd Semester BBA, with each team comprising six students. The events comprised of Logos, Taglines, General Awareness and abbreviation expansion topics. The event was co-ordinated by the staff representatives Dr. S N jagadeesh, Associate Professor ASM, Ms. Revathi. T Assistant Professor, ASM and student co-ordinators of the marketing club, Ms. Fathima Rivana B and Ms. Ayisha Sidhika C. Team B comprising Ms. Vijaya A, Mr. Abhishob S, Ms. Ayisha Sidhika C, Ms. Fathimath Risvana B, Mr. J Kalidas, Ms. Sneha S and Mr. Sujith A won the first place. The event came to an end at 4.15pm.