Third year BBA students (2021-2024 batch) of Ahalia School of Commerce & Mathematics undertook an eight-day internship in Ahalia Hospitals, from 9.10.2023-18.10.2023.Eight students namely Bipul T Bivin, Hakkim M, Liya Das, Muhammed Assain, Muhammed Raashith, Navya S, Nideesh P, Vishnu V Hemmanth undertook the eight-day internship at Ahalia Women and Children Hospital. Six students namely Niveda M, Almas Fathima, Pooja K, Shahin, Sidharth S, Sneha A.P undertook the internship at Ahalia Foundation Eye hospital. Seven students namely, Abinanth P, Adithiya S, Anaswara. N, Arya A, Ashifa Sherin.S, Azim S.Shahid, Vasanth M, undertook the internship at Ahalia Diabetes Hospital. In the internship at all the centers the students were explained about the various procedures to be followed in the running of an organization. Also, they were given live training at various departments like, Front office, Materials department etc., in all the centers. Eight Day internship helped the students to gain live practical knowledge about the subjects they learned in the course curriculum and also in the smooth running of any organization.