ASCM& ASM jointly celebrated Onam 2023 on Thursday 24th August in the college premises. ASCM & ASM welcomed Onam with a huge flower carpet made by the students and the staff.  At 9.00 AM the inauguration was done by lighting the lamp by Dr. (Prof) B Vijayachandran Pillai, Principal & Director ASM. He mentioned about the concept behind Onam & his memories of onam during his childhood days. The felicitation was done by Dr. S. N Jagadeesh, Principal ASCM. He mentioned the message of Onam & narrated the significance of August month 2023 progress of India in the field of science, especially Chandrayan 3 and in the field of chess. Next the felicitation was by Mrs. Manju M, Asst. Professor, ASCM who wished everyone a happy onam. The welcome speech was done by Mrs. Anaswara from 2nd Year MBA (HCM) and vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Pooja K from 3rd year BBA. The faculty coordinators of the program were Mr. Sivanunni P.S. Assistant Professor, ASCM and Mrs. Manju M, Assistant Professor ASM. Traditional Onam program started with Singari Melam. The celebration continued with Thiruvathira dance by MBA students, which is the traditional dance form of Kerala. After that there was an Onam Sadhya which included 15 varieties of food items. Followed by Sadhya, the afternoon celebration was from 2.30 to 4.00 PM. There were many programs such as dance by 1st & 2nd year BBA students and these were followed by traditional competitions such as tug of war, pot breaking, spoon race, ball passing etc. All the students and staff participated with great enthusiasm and enjoyed the Onam celebration.  The program ended at 4.00 PM.