Faculties from Ahalia school of Commerce and Mathematics, Mrs. Athulya Baby (IIC Coordinator of ASCM) & Mr. Sivanunni P. S (Assistant Professor ASCM) attended the IIC Regional Meet on Tuesday16th January 2024. The event was hoisted by CUSAT Cochin and AICTE jointly. The inauguration function was headed by Shri. P. Rajeev, Minister of Law, Industries and Coir, Kerala. In his speech the honourable Minister addressed the gathering by announcing various schemes provided by the government of Kerala to enhance innovation and start-up in Kerala and also to enhance the effect of innovation by educational institutions. The government of Kerala is willing to approve Institutional Industrial Park with a seed funding of 2.5 crores by the government for infrastructure facilities. They have planned a direct board for approval process for the educational institutions. After the inauguration various events of innovation like exhibition, poster competition, best IIC activities by organizations were held. In the afternoon session there were various talks about Innovation, IPR and mentor-mentee process through which faculties can motivate innovation among students were arranged. The event came to an end by 4.30 pm.