On 14th September 2023 Ahalia School of Commerce and Mathematics and Ahalia School of Management organized a program on Chandrayaan’s successful landing on moon. The program commenced by 2:00 pm. The program started with a welcome speech by Ms. Anagha P.M from 1st year MBA. The presidential address was delivered by Dr. Prof. B. Vijayachndran Pillai, Principal and Director ASM. Students also played a video of successful launching of CHANDRIYAAN III and the speech of our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi who appreciated the worked behind the success of CHANDRIYAAN III. Navya Mahesh, Anjali A and Lakshmi Lal from 1st year MBA explained about Chandrayaan mission. Niveda M, Pooja K and Liyadas M explained about great Indian space scientists such as Vikram Sara Bhai, K Radhakrishnan, and G Madhavan Nair. The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Krishnanjali from 1st year MBA. The program ended by 3.30 pm.